50+ Fastest WordPress Themes To Speed Up Your Website (14)

But, more impressively, if you take out all of the custom built or static sites, and only look at sites using a CMS, WordPress takes of 65% of those. The beauty of this plugin is that it takes all.mp3 files that are linked in your site and makes them playable with a small “Play” icon. There are many out there, why is wordpress so slow and each one has a quirk or two that made it difficult to use. In fact, adding Google AdSense in WordPress is also one of the easiest methods of generating passive income from your site.

  • Click the “install” tab
  • Several Homepage Layouts for your blog: – Standard Blog Layout
  • Customizable layouts (with or without sidebars)
  • Click Install WordPress to finish installation
  • This course is for anyone that wants to be the WordPress goto guy or gal
  • Add an Instagram Feed
  • Google font selection

These three plugins are just a few of the plugins you will want for your membership site. This includes your website theme and related site files (like plugins) as well as your database (which includes posts, users, comments, etc.). Plugins really help in making WordPress flexible and easy to use in any number of ways.

You can use this process to put your website on the maintenance mode, any time you want to take down your site for a quick fix. If you want to create an interactive and community-focused LMS website with WordPress

, BuddyBoss can help. For instance, if I need an api for handling form submissions from those websites and there’s no need for a customer facing website, I wouldn’t build that on WordPress, that would be built in something like Laravel.

If you need to resolve the issue quickly, come along with such freelance platform as Upwork, where you will be able to hire an experienced specialist (fortunately, there are many of them). For older versions of WordPress (though you know should keep your WordPress site up to date for safety reasons), you may need to add a favicon manually.